From student participants


Florette King discusses her experience with UVA in Southern Africa study abroad. Florette is an undergraduate student (College, ’11) at the University of Virginia.


Grant Mathews on the applicable knowledge he gained from participating in the January Term class. Grant Mathews is persuing his Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction at UVA’s Curry School.


Visiting ESAVANA participant Simba Lavhelesani from the University of Venda in South Africa and UVA student Lorenzo Paglinawan present original poetry to the Philospoher’s Club.


Ethan Heil, a UVA Engineering student discusses some of the challenges of ESAVANA’s study abroad in Southern Africa.

Ethan is a recipient of the 2011 Sullivan Award. The award is given to distinguished fourth-year students who perpetuate excellence of character and humanitarian service.


Undergraduate Mary Cearley reflects on the benefits of study abroad and stepping outside one’s “comfort zone.”